Think Instagram & Pinterest are just for fun? Think again!

I’ll admit, Pinterest and Instagram are an addiction for me personally whether it’s for decorating my new house or looking at cute Texas Blue Heeler puppy photos, you can always catch me on there pinning away at various topics! Be sure to check out my personal Pinterest here at CassiK! You’ll be able to find boards with home decor and renovations, DIY crafts, holiday decoration and even that fun dream wedding board, don’t lie girls we’ve all got one!

Instagram is my other time passing tool, I originally started with posting what they call “selfies” and photos of my fun, until I got my first blue heeler than I noticed everything started to be photos of her and so I decided to dedicate it strictly to the fun and downtime we have together. Through this I’ve gotten to learn so much about blue heelers and what an misunderstood breed they are! I’ve also met so many awesome people who also share their love for the breed. I follow one girl and her heeler on a road trip across the Arizona and how much fun it is for the two of them! You can follow them on Instagram @imasadish!

Here are some great Cattle Dog Instagrams to take a look at!
Rosie and Kate Cattle Dogs
Helix the Heeler
Clutch the Cattle Dog (they are moving to Spain!!)

Also check out my fun loving heelers at Caya & Cane the Heelers!

Instagram and Pinterest are not just for looking through photos and possibly projects that you can do, it can also help businesses small or large. According to Koozai: 6 Business Benefits of Using Instagram, that only 2% of small businesses are taking advantage of Instagram giving them an advantage over those who are not. A great friend of mine is currently using Instagram to her advantage to promote her Beachbody coaching job to reach out to as many clients as she can. On JLabrie Fitness followers can see into the life of a new first time mom who is trying to  live an active and healthy life and shows that you can achieve that even with a newborn baby! Janelle brings you along in her fitness journey before baby (if you scroll back long enough) as well as through pregnancy and post pregnancy! She motivates other men and woman with her workout clips (while holding “LaBaby” as he is nicknamed) as well as every day aspects of her life. She wants to connect with her followers on more than just a fitness level – she wants to show her real life activities from horseback riding to her love for her 2 rescue labs!  She uses every day life to help promote her business to show upcoming sales or ways to invite you to be a coach of your own. I mean really, how can you say no to this cute face below, I know I couldn’t and I jumped on the chance to get healthy in a healthy way!

View this post on Instagram

🚨🚨🚨If you've been thinking about whether 21 Day Fix is the right fit for you, I want you to stop. No matter what fitness level or how good you are in the kitchen, 21 Day Fix is an amazing program that helps give you the perfect amount of structure form healthy habits in just 21 Days. My most recent results were 9.5 INCHES gone!🙌🏻 Today is the last day to get this program with my favorite superfood nutrition supplement on crazy sale✌🏼️ Act now & join my next accountability group starting August 10! Meal plans🍌🍋🍐🍑🍉support, & accountability all at your fingertips and get ME as your coach to help you through the program too! 👊🏻 Shoot me a PM & let's do this 💪🏼

A post shared by J A N E L L E L A B R I E (@janellelabrie) on shared that Pinterest alone has over 10 million users and has grown over 4,000% in the last 6 months based on users and how they interact. That is a lot of people that any type of small or large business can interact with. Why not jump on the express train to success on Pinterest? highlights a mother and daughter site called Popcosmo that targets young adult girls who want to know what is trending in fashion and beauty and want to originally target their hometown of Lousiville, KY, and states that thanks to their vibrant boards and topics they drive over 12,000 people to their website/blog just from Pinterest alone!

Janelle also has a health and wellness Pinterest page: Janelle Labrie Health and Fitness here she continues what she promotes on Instagram just in more images. Janelle offers a variety of different workouts that you could follow, healthy eating tips as well as personal boards. She connects with others who may be interested in home decor, fashion, DIY or even tattoos – it shows that she has more interests than just fitness, all though that is her main focus. Pinterest is another way that small businesses can use a free tool to help their sales increase who may not have the big market budgets to promote a product or service.

To answer my question earlier, why not jump on the express train to success on Pinterest? There really is no reason not to! If Pinterest has over 10 million unique users and they are only getting bigger then you can’t afford not to hop on that train!

Let me know what your thoughts are on Instagram or Pinterest below! Do you use it for fun or business?


5 thoughts on “Think Instagram & Pinterest are just for fun? Think again!

  1. Hi Cassandra,

    I think it’s great that businesses are using Pinterest and Instagram to promote themselves. It is a great way to get the message across and also have a little fun. I also use Pinterest for business ventures. However, I don’t use it so much to promote my business but more as a vision board. I am an event planner by trade so Pinterest has become one of my most valuable tools. I can always look for inspiration here for any theme or party idea. It is also really fun to see what others have done and how I can adapt it to one of my ideas. I must say I have had more than one of those Pinterest “Nailed It” moments. However, when something does come out nice I can then share the final product on Instagram. While it all might relate to business it really is a lot of fun too!


    • Hi Holly!
      Being an event planner must be great with Pinterest! I know I’ve used it multiple times for decoration ideas for family and friend parties around the holidays! I’m sure your “Nailed It” posts would be way better than mine when it comes to parties! Visual boards are great, I’ve used Pinterest to help me with tradeshow booth set ups and see how different types of companies visually set up their products. I am a tradeshow/marketing coordinator for my company so I’m always looking for new and fresh ideas. Thanks so much for reading my blog and leaving a comment!!



  2. Hi Cassandra,

    Your headline is attention-grabbing and enticed me to want to hear what you had to say. Two important keywords, Instagram & Pinterest, in this heading informed the social media you would be discussing. Your content offered helpful information about these two social media presented in an interesting manner. The value of Pinterest and Instagram for business or fun was given, presented with a personal touch from your own experience. Love the pics of the dogs.

    Your enthusiasm for your social media of choice and topics to discuss are evident. You blog inspired me to want to learn more about Pinterest. I checked out a book from the library about Pinterest and now have an account. I need to learn more, but plan to use Pinterest for both fun and business.

    Best Regards,

    Glenda Ryan


    • Hi Glenda!
      Thanks for taking the time to read through my blog and also give some great feedback! I am very passionate about these two social media tools since they help me in my every day life! I currently use Instagram for my own small business making handmade candles you can visit it here ( I’m trying to get better at posting as often as I can. I also have a a board on my Pinterest page dedicated to some products that I sell (

      I’m excited to hear that just by reading my blog it has made you want to learn more about Pinterest and how to use it for personal or for business. I’d love to hear what you think of it once you read through the book!!



  3. Cassandra,
    Great job. You are clearly very comfortable using Pinterest and Instagram. I am jealous, I just joined Pinterest last week and am using it for decorating ideas. I was so excited when I learned how to Pin! After reading your blog, I realize I have a long way to go. But I am excited to be part of the Pinterest community.


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