Panasonic’s Touch on Social Media

Social Media marketing is growing at a rapid speed. Businesses are really starting to see how much potential clients rely on social media to get insight on a company or product. According to SocialTime, 90 percent of marketers are using social media for business. Seventy percent have used Facebook to successfully gain new customers and 34 percent have used Twitter to successfully generate leads.

Panasonic’s UK marketing director, Andrew Denham, has realized that that their company can not focus on one type of marketing and knows that they need to start gearing up for better online marketing and budgeting their marketing funds to allow it. “Proportionally, the mix will change towards richer digital activity. But I won’t ever go blindly in one media direction. It’s about the message, the audience and the appropriate media”, Denham has said.

Panasonic is a global company that doesn’t just specialize Toughbooks like I talked about in last weeks blog, Rugged Computers & Social Media?!, they specialize in all kinds of products like televisions, air conditioners, vacuums and so much more! So Panasonic is going to need a lot of social media marketing to cover so much. Just how many social media pages does Panasonic have?

Panasonic’s Current Social Media Pages:
• Facebook = 104
• Twitter = 52 • YouTube = 71
• Ustream = 4
• Flickr = 13
• Picasa = 2
• Google+ = 5
• Others = 29

You can check out the whole list and visit them if you’d like to by just clicking here! Could you imagine having to make sure that all of these pages were accurate and up-to-date on all of their products? Personally I think that Panasonic has done a great job of taking advantage of how much a potentially free service such as Facebook, LinkedIn, & Google+ offers and they are reaching out to current and potential clients with all of these pages dedicate to different countries and how they present their products. Clients are able to see what the company is like and what they offer and then be directed to their consumer retail pages to purchase.

Not only does Panasonic utilize these social media tools they have also built numerous amounts of downloadable apps for your smart phone and tablet! One of the apps that is available is the World Heritage 2015 for iPad/Android. This application allows you to view heritage photos from around the world as well as choose a language you are comfortable with from Japanese, English, Chinese, French, and Spanish to read through historical information on what image is being shown.


This is just a brief overview of how Panasonic utilizes social media to gain product exposure, potential clients and profitability. Which company do you think utilizes social media the best to maximize their business?


5 thoughts on “Panasonic’s Touch on Social Media

  1. Hi Cassandra,
    First, can I just say, WOW that is a lot of social media! I would be terrified if I had to keep all of those accounts current. I think this factor makes Panasonic a great client for Hootsuite. We are using it minimally but can you imagine how helpful it would be to have a tool that allows you to schedule posts to so many different social media sites. Even if you had to have a Hootsuite account for each product it would greatly reduce the amount of time spent on updating! Great read! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Panasonic seems to have hit the ground running with all their social media sources and apps. I would imagine this has created many new jobs at Panasonic just to keep up and current with all their sites with so many different products. Makes we curious if they are building their apps internal or outsourcing those projects.

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