To Social or not to Social…that is the question!

Companies have seen great impact from going social, but does that mean it’s for every type of business small or large? No. Not every business out there is going to grasp what social media can do for them because they are focused on traditional marketing. You see celebrities like Taylor Swift or companies like Ford Motor Company who embrace social media and what it can do for them good or bad.

In a small business with 13 full time employees, like I work at currently, social media can be a scary thought. After 20 years in the business and doing well all 20 years with traditional marketing, turning over to social media marketing can be a bit overwhelming for those who don’t quite understand it. For my company to even introduce LinkedIn and have it approved the inside sales reps had to put together a business plan to show how it could potentially help the company reach out to clients or potential new employees. To date that is the only social media account we have.

Reasons we do not have any accounts:
• What is false information gets published?
• What if an employee is let go and they know all of the passwords?
• What happens if a customer writes something bad about the company
• What if we don’t have enough content to fill the account daily?
• What happens if personal information about the company gets published?
• Do we need to spend a lot of time out of our day to be on here?

All these are valid points of concern, so much that even while I write this blog I’m not allowed to mention the company I work for so that it doesn’t link back to them in Google searches! When comparing our list to that of TechXB we have a few similar points.

TechXB’s reasons for concern:
• Reputation Management
• Security Issues
• Engaging in two-way dialogue and potential criticism
• Trust as part of the culture
• Wasting company time

From my previous work in the automotive industry, they were just diving into the social media scene and there were some hiccups and bumps but once a company gets a groove going it becomes a natural part of the day. There are ways to prevent your staff from publishing that is not true by having one or two people proofread what is sent out onto the world wide web! It takes just a few minutes to have a coworker make sure what you produced is accurate and spelled right! There are also ways to spend a small amount of time building your content and getting it ready to be updated. There are websites like Hootsuite where you can schedule out your day or week in advance to help better prioritize your time!

While trying to research a bit more on why social media may not work out for your company I found plenty of great reads about why you should use it. If you’re interested to know a bit more, I’m adding them here for you to check them out, all of them I found through Pinterest! Click on the images below and take a look!

                     Small Business SM     c4a20ff5cb59b73a80ac8e75843710fa     8 Ways for Facebook

Social media might not be for you and your company but it doesn’t mean you should rule out everything. Here at my company they are at least risking it in the LinkedIn world, hopefully we will push the boundaries a bit more when the time comes. If they can see our manufacturer does well on here, then maybe I can do some convincing!

Do you think rugged computers can make it in the social media world? I would love to know what you think, comment below and let me know!


One thought on “To Social or not to Social…that is the question!

  1. I appreciated reading this informative post that highlights some concerns about social media for small business. It was also helpful that you offered tips to deal with potential issues. Proofreading by one or more persons prior to publishing is a simple way to reduce the chance for big problems from small typos. Additionally, auto scheduling posts at a convenient time with a resource such as Hootsuite can greatly streamline social media efforts.

    Loved how you provided visuals to link to article resources on social media. There are many helpful suggestions in the resource “7 Smart Small Business Strategies to Get Noticed on Social Media”. I found the article named “8 Ways to Use Visuals to Market Your Business on Facebook” to be especially helpful. Very interesting that a simple nature photo with Easter eggs hidden in flowers and trees and a question about how many eggs can be seen would be so popular. This example from a Walmart Happy Easter post, with over 21,000 “likes” more than 23,000 comments, per, demonstrates the power of social media if you can offer unique content in a manner that grabs the viewer’s attention.

    Thanks for providing some valuable information presented in an easy to read format.

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