Should I Keep Blogging?!

Now that my first Social Media class for my masters is over and I’m not sure when my next one will be, I’m at a point that I’m not sure if I should keep trying to blog or hold off? Well as you can see, I’m going to TRY and keep going with a post as often as I can or as often as I remember to be truthful! During the class we had to relate our blog to our industry but now I want to take some time to touch on topics more personal and related to events going on in my daily life so you can get to know me a bit more and I can plug some of my personal endeavors! 😉

If you read my About me page or my first blog, I am a twenty something year old who holds a BA in Digital Media and an AS in Graphic Design from Lyndon State College. Never heard of there? No worries neither had I until my junior year in high school. I applied and got accepted before my junior year even ended! Guess they liked what they saw! haha! These days while I’m not at my marketing desk or out at trade shows, I make homemade candles! Yeap..mason jar and beer bottle candles! You can check out my Etsy page here at Coastal Kreatives! I am gearing up for holiday craft shows starting in October in Swampscott, MA!

Check out products on my Instagram page here!

^Mason Jar Candles

^Beer Bottle Candles

So why candles you ask? Simple. I love candles and mason jars and my friends love beer. So I started by doing the beer bottle ones because my friends like them, thought they were a cool decorative item and a conversation starter. Then I started having too many mason jars around the house and my boyfriend told me I better get rid of some! So logically I started making the candles in them! They have been a hit and are probably the majority of my sales!
What to buy Mason Jar candles for?
•Baby Shower Favors
•Wedding Shower Favors
•Bridal Party Gifts
•Wedding Favors
•Graduation Favors
•And More!

They are so easy to add a custom label on them to make it more personalized and women and some men love candles! They are a win win! So over the next I’m not sure how many weeks, I’ll try and keep you updated on my awesome candles and the life of a constantly moving marketing coordinator!

Do you like candles?! Tell me what you think would be the coolest holder to make a candle in down in the comments!


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