‘Real Life’ hit hard in the weight department.

We’ve all been in a place in our life where we think, wow I’m not longer active like I was in High School or even college and the weight is not falling off like it used to. Well I know I have been in that place for a few years. As a college graduate in 2011 who was actively 1934166_22705645726_5645_nsnowboarding and walking all around my small college campus. I was not activity working out or even thinking about it. I was enjoying college and doing my own thing. I had recently broken up with a guy I dated practically my whole college life and was not letting anything 55088_10150303953075727_7436378_ohold me back. The picture on the left is me snowboarding – the photo here on the right was me at my lightest and never felt better.

Then “real life” hit and I was working 9-5 hours sitting behind a desk and not getting that exercise I subconsciously was getting in college and I was feeling it. I was always run down and all I wanted to do was sleep, I had no motivation to work out and packed on tons of weight so that didn’t help. I started seeing photos from family holidays and I just couldn’t believe what I saw and kept thinking “my gosh, is this what everyone sees?!” Well we all know we are our own worst enemies when it comes to body image and I was the worst.

Well the day we closed on our first house, we started right in on painting and I remember my boyfriend telling me a friend of his from work was going to stop by and say hi and see the house, she only lived the street over and grew up coming to see the horses at this house. I remember thinking “oh great! I look like crud and have to meet another female for the first time, sweet.” Little did I know the woman who came through the door is now one of my very best friends and has gone through similar situations in her life. We got to talking and she told me about Beachbody programs (she is a coach and now mine!) and I was skeptic at first (sorry Janelle 😉 ) but after some convincing I gave Shakeology and 21 Day Fix a shot. It was amazing! I lost a lot of inches all over and toned up but then got to be my lazy self and stopped focusing on the results and gained it all back.

I have half-assed the work out 2 more times since then and just kept giving up. Well I’m happy to say I’m on the program for the 3rd time this year (yes, 2016) and have made myself be more accountable. I’m a coach and I feel like if I’m going to help others feel good about themselves then I need to start feeling good about myself! How do I convince someone that they should love working out and love the programs if I can’t make myself get through them? Well I’m hoping to blog about my experience this time around to stay on track and post about results (don’t expect too many photos since I am still a bit insecure) but will be hopefully posting about good updates and some meal prep tips and recipes!

Here is to putting yourself first and creating new healthy habits – it only takes 21 days to kick a bad habit!

If your interested in some serious results, ideas and accountability check out my Coach Janelle’s Pinterest page and Instagram!




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