Future Implications

As we know, social media is constantly changing for personal use and business use. Who would have thought social media would become so involved when it comes to branding your company? Here are my top 3 choices of where I think Social media and mobile technology will excel.


Credit: Google Images

1. Texting
Remember in school texting was one of the worst things you could be doing while the teacher was talking? Or even when the boss was talking to a group of people and you’re head was looking slightly down?  Well, now texting is more personal and immediate than most other forms of social media. It is being argued that 2016 will be the year that companies and marketers actually learn how to make use of text message and texting platforms in a non-spammy way ( Vernon, n/d).  Texting eventually evolved into the Twitter platform where users could have less than 140 characters to get a message across, this worked well with the shorthand people used during texting to make their messages to friends or family shorter and to the point. We may see more of an increase in how Twitter is used or see it used by more companies.

2. Social at Work
Social media and any type of personal email such as gmail or yahoo, were typically put behind a firewall by companies so that there was no personal or social mes

Credit: Google Images

Credit: Google Images

sages being done at work, that’s fair. You’re on the companies time and not your own. Well, now companies are seeing the impact that social media can have on connecting with current and potential customers. Reaching out to your companies community on Facebook or Instagram shows your genuine interest in what is going on around you.


By posting images of your company at trade shows or company outings helps show customers where you are for the day or in advance where you will be so they can meet you and view your products. These are useful tools to help your company grow and there will be more of a shift of companies allowing for social media use in the office.

3. Live Video
Okay, this one for me I’m not sure I will personally be on camera but another great tool while you’re at trade shows or events to show what you’re up to!

Credit: Digital Trends

Credit: Digital Trends

With the launch of so many live video-streaming platforms in 2015 – Meerkat, Periscope, Blab, Facebook Mentions – it’s clear that this is ready for prime time (Vernon, n/d). I’ve already noticed that on Facebook there are news stations who use this Live Stream application when there is breaking news to show the segment not only on the television but also on Social media so that more people are given the information. I noticed this a lot during the winter months to update people on road conditions or on how much snow we would see in our area and surrounding areas.

Over a course of time I’m sure that these three components will have ways of working together. We’ve already seen how live video can work with Facebook and update quickly when thousands of people are watching but what if it could be sent through texting as well? Do you think we’d ever get to a point where on smartphones you’ll be able to watch live stream video right in your texts? Or do you think it will be something that will be recorded then sent out to smartphones? Would love to know you’re thoughts in the comments  below!


Vernon, Amy (n/d). The Future of Social Media: 5 Predictions for 2016. Inc. Retrieved on May 11, 2016. Retrieved from website: http://www.inc.com/amy-vernon/the-future-of-social-media-5-predictions-for-2016.html



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