Future Implications

As we know, social media is constantly changing for personal use and business use. Who would have thought social media would become so involved when it comes to branding your company? Here are my top 3 choices of where I think Social media and mobile technology will excel.


Credit: Google Images

1. Texting
Remember in school texting was one of the worst things you could be doing while the teacher was talking? Or even when the boss was talking to a group of people and you’re head was looking slightly down?  Well, now texting is more personal and immediate than most other forms of social media. It is being argued that 2016 will be the year that companies and marketers actually learn how to make use of text message and texting platforms in a non-spammy way ( Vernon, n/d).  Texting eventually evolved into the Twitter platform where users could have less than 140 characters to get a message across, this worked well with the shorthand people used during texting to make their messages to friends or family shorter and to the point. We may see more of an increase in how Twitter is used or see it used by more companies.

2. Social at Work
Social media and any type of personal email such as gmail or yahoo, were typically put behind a firewall by companies so that there was no personal or social mes

Credit: Google Images

Credit: Google Images

sages being done at work, that’s fair. You’re on the companies time and not your own. Well, now companies are seeing the impact that social media can have on connecting with current and potential customers. Reaching out to your companies community on Facebook or Instagram shows your genuine interest in what is going on around you.


By posting images of your company at trade shows or company outings helps show customers where you are for the day or in advance where you will be so they can meet you and view your products. These are useful tools to help your company grow and there will be more of a shift of companies allowing for social media use in the office.

3. Live Video
Okay, this one for me I’m not sure I will personally be on camera but another great tool while you’re at trade shows or events to show what you’re up to!

Credit: Digital Trends

Credit: Digital Trends

With the launch of so many live video-streaming platforms in 2015 – Meerkat, Periscope, Blab, Facebook Mentions – it’s clear that this is ready for prime time (Vernon, n/d). I’ve already noticed that on Facebook there are news stations who use this Live Stream application when there is breaking news to show the segment not only on the television but also on Social media so that more people are given the information. I noticed this a lot during the winter months to update people on road conditions or on how much snow we would see in our area and surrounding areas.

Over a course of time I’m sure that these three components will have ways of working together. We’ve already seen how live video can work with Facebook and update quickly when thousands of people are watching but what if it could be sent through texting as well? Do you think we’d ever get to a point where on smartphones you’ll be able to watch live stream video right in your texts? Or do you think it will be something that will be recorded then sent out to smartphones? Would love to know you’re thoughts in the comments  below!


Vernon, Amy (n/d). The Future of Social Media: 5 Predictions for 2016. Inc. Retrieved on May 11, 2016. Retrieved from website: http://www.inc.com/amy-vernon/the-future-of-social-media-5-predictions-for-2016.html



Viral Marketing Initiatives

What is Viral Marketing?
Viral Marketing is a business strategy that uses existing social networks to promote a
product. Its name refers to how customers spread information about a product with other people in their social networks.The basis of viral marketing is in the spread of information by word-of-mouth, but modern technology has allowed the viral effect to include many Internet-based platforms as well (Marketing, n/d).

Are there commercials or other campaigns that always stick with you even after you’ve viewed them? There are reasons why! Marketers have different types of content that will help the viewer relate or remember the product in some form of way. Here are what I consider to be the top 5 best characteristics of what makes viral marketing (in no specific order!).

1. The content appeals to emotion:
Research shows that viral content appeals to our emotions, particularly positive emotions like amusement, joy, hope, surprise, nostalgia, affection and excitement. Content that surprises is particularly successful, especially among millennials who are constantly bombarded with digital content and are harder to impress (Reese, 2014). An example of content of a commercial that appeals to someone’s emotions are the Budweiser Super Bowl commercials, with the horses and yellow lab! Budweiser has seen the impact of peoples emotions when they see the bond between human and dogs as well as dogs and horses. Tell me you don’t get teary eyed watching this?! Fine, I just might be the only one! 😉

Video retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otCxSnu_HXA


Photo Credit: New To Social Media

2. Wanna Share It, See It, Do It:
#urbanselfie is a unique campaign where retailer Urban Hilton Weiner gave a $10 gift certificate to anyone who Tweeted a selfie while trying on Urban’s clothes. This spreads your brand, shows your clothing line and it attracts more people into your stores (CrossInto, 2014). Urban Hilton Weiner used a contest with hashtags to help promote their company and clothes and with giving away $10 gift cards they are encouraging shoppers to spend more. Great way to boost sales and get people into the store to try on their clothing!

3. Content that is Unique and Memorable:
Creating content can be easy but not everything you post will be read or shared. Making sure that you put content out that will be remembered for how you present it! Make a humorous video, an action video or even a short animated video to put out a new product. Take the company I personally work for, we sell Panasonic Rugged Toughbooks (laptops) and Toughpads (tablets). We can throw them, drag them, cover them in mud, you name it! Here’s a video of an ATV dragging them through a muddy terrain by a chain…tell me that isn’t memorable or even unique?!

Video retrieved from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0n6mX8Q1waA

4. Content has Target Audience in Mind
Make sure you understand who your company’s target audience is. You don’t want to advertise to woman showing men’s clothing, you want to advertise to men with that information. Don’t try to push a product on the opposite sex when it is something that they wont use, you’ll end up losing viewers. The Dollar Shave Club advertisement did just that, targeting young men who value affordability, simplicity and profanity-laden humor. Would my mom approve? No. Would my bearded boyfriend like it? Definitely (Reese, 2014). The given example of The Dollar Shave Club gave a perfect YouTube video that shows they understand humor and their target audience, just see for yourself!

Video Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUG9qYTJMsI

5. Provides for Effortless Transfer to Others
The medium that carries your marketing message must be easy to transfer and replicate: email, website, graphic, software download.

Photo Credit: Marketing Cloud

Photo Credit: Marketing Cloud

Viral marketing works famously on the Internet because instant communication is easy and inexpensive. The digital format makes copying simple (Wilson, 2012) A fun campaign because we are coming into the warmer months was Anthropologie’s DIY drink recipes! Anthropologie frequently features DIY cocktail recipes on their blog, like this one for a coconut cooler. The drink recipes work for two main reasons: they’re seasonal and timely (for example, summer refreshers or winter warmers) and they feature unique ingredients and flavors, mimicking the original style of Anthropologie’s fashions (Young, 2014). These recipes are easy to share among email and other social media platforms with friends who you think would enjoy them as well!

While these are not the only ways to have a viral marketing experience they will certainly help! All campaigns are going to be different depending on the content of your company and brand. Don’t hesitate to do something different that has not already been done. The more you experiment with your brand the better your marketing will get and the more you’ll see who catches on!

Don’t forget to comment below and share the information with friends!

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I’m sure that you’ve heard of the little blue box that represents Tiffany & Co. and you have heard the slogan “Every Kiss Begins with Kay” for Kay jewelers because the are two of the most well known jewelry retailers. We see their company stores in malls or in large shopping districts and see their advertisements on TV where they showcase the most beautiful pieces of the season. So how do they use social media and how are their strategies the same?

Kay Jewelers, the chain operated by Sterling Jewelers Inc. of Akron, sure gets a lot of social media love. Nearly 800,000 people have clicked that they “like” the Kay Jewelers Facebook page, as of 2013 (Byard, 2013). Today Kay Jewelers has over 1.3 million followers of their page! Sterling Jewelers Inc founded Kay Jewelers in 1916 and is one of 9 branKay Jewelersches of jewelry stores that Sterling Jewelers own (Bloomberg Business, 2016). Kay Jewelers have been perfecting their brand for over 100 years, they have grown with the times and have worked their way into the social media world. Kim Kanary who overseas the company’s social media accounts said, “Social media gives us the opportunity to engage with our customers in a very unique way,” Kanary said. “It builds those relationships,” that she said can lead to “brand advocacy,” i.e., sales (Byard, 2013). This shows that Kay Jewelers and Sterling Jewelers understand the importance of using Social Media to help drive customers to their stores and potentially purchase merchandise.

When browsing through Kay Jewelers Facebook page you’ll notice that they advertise sales on various items to help make the holidays or season more special. Currently Kay Jewelers is offering 20% off ticketed prices of all Bridal Jewelry, this helps potential customers save on larger ticketed priced items that they may not have been able to afford. This helps those customers make the event more special by being able to get a bit of an “upgrade” to what they thought they’d be able to purchase. This goes for all the sales Kay’s puts on and not just bridal. Around the holidays typically you can see the same type of promotions but on necklaces, bracelets, charms or watches to help enhance the holiday season for you special someone.

Tiffany & Co. is created by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young (then known as Tiffany & Young, a stationery and fancy goods emporium at 259 Broadway in New York). All items were marked with a non-negotiable selling price, which was a first at that time. The first day’s sales total $4.98 (Tiffany & Co, 2014). Tiffany & Co. is mostly known fro12743540_10153558850023068_6540168024587167247_nm their high-end designs and big price tag. Most woman would love to receive a Tiffany’s Blue box with a gift inside because that’s a symbol of something elegant.

Tiffany & Co. has more than four million fans and generally posts one update per day or fewer. A vast majority of posts are simple product images or albums complete with links to its ecommerce page (Moth, 2013). Today Tiffany & Co. has over 8.4 million followers on their Facebook account with over 300,000 visitors to their stores who have “check-in” while shopping or just visiting their stores. It is common for Tiffany & Co to get thousands of interactions per posts on just product photos or updated advertisements, his high number of interactions is probably due to the fact that Tiffany & Co. is an iconic, aspirational brand that people want to be associated with, therefore they’re happy to give a $10,000 necklace a digital thumbs-up (Moth, 2013).

Unlike Kay Jewelers, Tiffany & Co. does not advertise special discounts to drive customers into their stores to purchase. Tiffany & Co has a target market of higher end customers that may purchase on a regular basis where it might not be affordable to the middle class unless someone saves up. Kay Jewelers understands that people should be able to afford beautiful jewelry that does not break the bank. Both companies advertise to their type of clients in their own way or help those who like the brand see more of it in a digital way.


Byard, Catie ( June 15, 2013). Sterling Jewelers Find Social Media goes well with Jewelry. Ohio.com. Retrieved on March 17, 2016. Retrieved from: http://www.ohio.com/business/sterling-jewelers-finds-social-media-goes-well-with-jewelry-1.406215

Moth, David (August 20, 2013). How Tiffany & Co. uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Retrieved on March 17, 2016. Retrieved from: https://econsultancy.com/blog/63262-how-tiffany-co-uses-facebook-twitter-pinterest-and-google/

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‘Real Life’ hit hard in the weight department.

We’ve all been in a place in our life where we think, wow I’m not longer active like I was in High School or even college and the weight is not falling off like it used to. Well I know I have been in that place for a few years. As a college graduate in 2011 who was actively 1934166_22705645726_5645_nsnowboarding and walking all around my small college campus. I was not activity working out or even thinking about it. I was enjoying college and doing my own thing. I had recently broken up with a guy I dated practically my whole college life and was not letting anything 55088_10150303953075727_7436378_ohold me back. The picture on the left is me snowboarding – the photo here on the right was me at my lightest and never felt better.

Then “real life” hit and I was working 9-5 hours sitting behind a desk and not getting that exercise I subconsciously was getting in college and I was feeling it. I was always run down and all I wanted to do was sleep, I had no motivation to work out and packed on tons of weight so that didn’t help. I started seeing photos from family holidays and I just couldn’t believe what I saw and kept thinking “my gosh, is this what everyone sees?!” Well we all know we are our own worst enemies when it comes to body image and I was the worst.

Well the day we closed on our first house, we started right in on painting and I remember my boyfriend telling me a friend of his from work was going to stop by and say hi and see the house, she only lived the street over and grew up coming to see the horses at this house. I remember thinking “oh great! I look like crud and have to meet another female for the first time, sweet.” Little did I know the woman who came through the door is now one of my very best friends and has gone through similar situations in her life. We got to talking and she told me about Beachbody programs (she is a coach and now mine!) and I was skeptic at first (sorry Janelle 😉 ) but after some convincing I gave Shakeology and 21 Day Fix a shot. It was amazing! I lost a lot of inches all over and toned up but then got to be my lazy self and stopped focusing on the results and gained it all back.

I have half-assed the work out 2 more times since then and just kept giving up. Well I’m happy to say I’m on the program for the 3rd time this year (yes, 2016) and have made myself be more accountable. I’m a coach and I feel like if I’m going to help others feel good about themselves then I need to start feeling good about myself! How do I convince someone that they should love working out and love the programs if I can’t make myself get through them? Well I’m hoping to blog about my experience this time around to stay on track and post about results (don’t expect too many photos since I am still a bit insecure) but will be hopefully posting about good updates and some meal prep tips and recipes!

Here is to putting yourself first and creating new healthy habits – it only takes 21 days to kick a bad habit!

If your interested in some serious results, ideas and accountability check out my Coach Janelle’s Pinterest page and Instagram!



Should I Keep Blogging?!

Now that my first Social Media class for my masters is over and I’m not sure when my next one will be, I’m at a point that I’m not sure if I should keep trying to blog or hold off? Well as you can see, I’m going to TRY and keep going with a post as often as I can or as often as I remember to be truthful! During the class we had to relate our blog to our industry but now I want to take some time to touch on topics more personal and related to events going on in my daily life so you can get to know me a bit more and I can plug some of my personal endeavors! 😉

If you read my About me page or my first blog, I am a twenty something year old who holds a BA in Digital Media and an AS in Graphic Design from Lyndon State College. Never heard of there? No worries neither had I until my junior year in high school. I applied and got accepted before my junior year even ended! Guess they liked what they saw! haha! These days while I’m not at my marketing desk or out at trade shows, I make homemade candles! Yeap..mason jar and beer bottle candles! You can check out my Etsy page here at Coastal Kreatives! I am gearing up for holiday craft shows starting in October in Swampscott, MA!

Check out products on my Instagram page here!

^Mason Jar Candles

^Beer Bottle Candles

So why candles you ask? Simple. I love candles and mason jars and my friends love beer. So I started by doing the beer bottle ones because my friends like them, thought they were a cool decorative item and a conversation starter. Then I started having too many mason jars around the house and my boyfriend told me I better get rid of some! So logically I started making the candles in them! They have been a hit and are probably the majority of my sales!
What to buy Mason Jar candles for?
•Baby Shower Favors
•Wedding Shower Favors
•Bridal Party Gifts
•Wedding Favors
•Graduation Favors
•And More!

They are so easy to add a custom label on them to make it more personalized and women and some men love candles! They are a win win! So over the next I’m not sure how many weeks, I’ll try and keep you updated on my awesome candles and the life of a constantly moving marketing coordinator!

Do you like candles?! Tell me what you think would be the coolest holder to make a candle in down in the comments!

So you want to be a Blogger? Or maybe a Tweeter?

Blogging. Tweeting. These words FRIGHTENED me when I started this process eight weeks ago when my social media class started. I never understood how some one could sit down at a computer and just write about what’s going on around them or about achievements in their industry. Or how someone could tweet a message in under 140 characters, I’m still struggling with this, but I’m learning. We’re all learning when it comes to new and improved social media applications. It gets easier, trust me on this. It takes time to process and learn what will look good, sound good or what would be appealing to others to read. You also have to keep in mind that it is YOU writing these and you need to let your personality show through on these.

5 Blogging tips from BufferSocial:
• Get ideas from your audience: answer industry/company driven questions
• Understand your audience: research the types of people who are following you; ask questions via Twitter & Facebook to see topics they may want to hear about
• Write for yourself: Make sure you enjoy what you’re writing about, you will spend a lot of time on topics, make sure that they are something that interest you
•Call to Action: Make use of the comments sections by asking your readers their input, make sure you tell them to follow you on Twitter & Facebook (provide the click through button to your page) don’t just assume that they will follow you on these SM sites
•Be consistent: Write often! Here’s a great info-graphic of percentages of followers based on how frequent some one blogs:blogging advice subscriber growth
5 Tweeting tips from Writing My Destiny:
•Clear Objective: sounds simple, right? Make sure that you know why you are engaging with customers and make sure you stick with those reasons.
•Profile: Make sure your profile has everything you need for a potential customer to understand what your company is about and how to contact you.
* Display photo – use your company logo
* Background photo – use product photos to show what you offer or upcoming
events you are going to
– In The Tao of Twitter, Mark Schaefer points out that you don’t want to make it look too much like an advertisement but it is a great way for you to show that you are on multiple sites such as LinkedIn & Facebook (page 125, The Tao of Twitter)
* Profile Description – use most relevant keywords to communicate w/ clients
* Location – Clear description or address to where you’re located
* Profile Template- Use high quality images – this is your Twitter stamp
•Follow those who matter: make sure those who you follow are relevant to your business. Starting with vendor partners and customers
•Content: Make sure you use those 140 characters wisely. Don’t use it to sell products. Use it to engage with followers/clients
•Consistency: Like blogging you want to make sure you stay active. If you are starting an account don’t let it go inactive

Are these tips used in the Rugged Mobility industry?
Panasonic @PanasonicUSA does a good job on Twitter using it’s space to show their logo as their display photo, their background image for upcoming events, right now they show that they will be Live at IFA in Berlin Sept. 4-9th, as well as they list their location and email address in their profile description. While some of their tweets are about new products, they don’t blast you with a lot of information, they show images of the product along with a link to view more information. They also show you images from customers/re-tweet posts about how well their products work for others.

I stumbled upon a blog called Adventure Riding with the Panasonic Toughbook H2, that follows along the writers love for using extreme use towards technology. The H2 can withstand dust, water, shock and severe cold, so Gavin strapped his gear on his motorcycle and took off. Being able to have the Toughbook with him would allow him to view any camera footage he had taken where ever he was.

Photo Credit: Gavin Gear

Photo Credit: Gavin Gear

Gavin writes for himself through out the blog, he knows that being able to test out a military grade computer doesn’t come around often and he takes full advantage of it through his blog. At the end he tells his readers he is not done testing it out and to stay tuned for more updates. As well as has a call to action to follow him on Twitter.

Would you like to test out a Toughbook? Where would you take it? Let me know below in the comments!

To Social or not to Social…that is the question!

Companies have seen great impact from going social, but does that mean it’s for every type of business small or large? No. Not every business out there is going to grasp what social media can do for them because they are focused on traditional marketing. You see celebrities like Taylor Swift or companies like Ford Motor Company who embrace social media and what it can do for them good or bad.

In a small business with 13 full time employees, like I work at currently, social media can be a scary thought. After 20 years in the business and doing well all 20 years with traditional marketing, turning over to social media marketing can be a bit overwhelming for those who don’t quite understand it. For my company to even introduce LinkedIn and have it approved the inside sales reps had to put together a business plan to show how it could potentially help the company reach out to clients or potential new employees. To date that is the only social media account we have.

Reasons we do not have any accounts:
• What is false information gets published?
• What if an employee is let go and they know all of the passwords?
• What happens if a customer writes something bad about the company
• What if we don’t have enough content to fill the account daily?
• What happens if personal information about the company gets published?
• Do we need to spend a lot of time out of our day to be on here?

All these are valid points of concern, so much that even while I write this blog I’m not allowed to mention the company I work for so that it doesn’t link back to them in Google searches! When comparing our list to that of TechXB we have a few similar points.

TechXB’s reasons for concern:
• Reputation Management
• Security Issues
• Engaging in two-way dialogue and potential criticism
• Trust as part of the culture
• Wasting company time

From my previous work in the automotive industry, they were just diving into the social media scene and there were some hiccups and bumps but once a company gets a groove going it becomes a natural part of the day. There are ways to prevent your staff from publishing that is not true by having one or two people proofread what is sent out onto the world wide web! It takes just a few minutes to have a coworker make sure what you produced is accurate and spelled right! There are also ways to spend a small amount of time building your content and getting it ready to be updated. There are websites like Hootsuite where you can schedule out your day or week in advance to help better prioritize your time!

While trying to research a bit more on why social media may not work out for your company I found plenty of great reads about why you should use it. If you’re interested to know a bit more, I’m adding them here for you to check them out, all of them I found through Pinterest! Click on the images below and take a look!

                     Small Business SM     c4a20ff5cb59b73a80ac8e75843710fa     8 Ways for Facebook

Social media might not be for you and your company but it doesn’t mean you should rule out everything. Here at my company they are at least risking it in the LinkedIn world, hopefully we will push the boundaries a bit more when the time comes. If they can see our manufacturer does well on here, then maybe I can do some convincing!

Do you think rugged computers can make it in the social media world? I would love to know what you think, comment below and let me know!

Panasonic’s Touch on Social Media

Social Media marketing is growing at a rapid speed. Businesses are really starting to see how much potential clients rely on social media to get insight on a company or product. According to SocialTime, 90 percent of marketers are using social media for business. Seventy percent have used Facebook to successfully gain new customers and 34 percent have used Twitter to successfully generate leads.

Panasonic’s UK marketing director, Andrew Denham, has realized that that their company can not focus on one type of marketing and knows that they need to start gearing up for better online marketing and budgeting their marketing funds to allow it. “Proportionally, the mix will change towards richer digital activity. But I won’t ever go blindly in one media direction. It’s about the message, the audience and the appropriate media”, Denham has said.

Panasonic is a global company that doesn’t just specialize Toughbooks like I talked about in last weeks blog, Rugged Computers & Social Media?!, they specialize in all kinds of products like televisions, air conditioners, vacuums and so much more! So Panasonic is going to need a lot of social media marketing to cover so much. Just how many social media pages does Panasonic have?

Panasonic’s Current Social Media Pages:
• Facebook = 104
• Twitter = 52 • YouTube = 71
• Ustream = 4
• Flickr = 13
• Picasa = 2
• Google+ = 5
• Others = 29

You can check out the whole list and visit them if you’d like to by just clicking here! Could you imagine having to make sure that all of these pages were accurate and up-to-date on all of their products? Personally I think that Panasonic has done a great job of taking advantage of how much a potentially free service such as Facebook, LinkedIn, & Google+ offers and they are reaching out to current and potential clients with all of these pages dedicate to different countries and how they present their products. Clients are able to see what the company is like and what they offer and then be directed to their consumer retail pages to purchase.

Not only does Panasonic utilize these social media tools they have also built numerous amounts of downloadable apps for your smart phone and tablet! One of the apps that is available is the World Heritage 2015 for iPad/Android. This application allows you to view heritage photos from around the world as well as choose a language you are comfortable with from Japanese, English, Chinese, French, and Spanish to read through historical information on what image is being shown.


This is just a brief overview of how Panasonic utilizes social media to gain product exposure, potential clients and profitability. Which company do you think utilizes social media the best to maximize their business?

Rugged Computers & Social Media!?

What is a rugged computer anyways? Know when you never get pulled over and have just seen from driving by the computers in the Police cruiser that runs all your information? Those are rugged computers. What makes them so rugged? The are military spec computers that you can drop from 6ft and nothing will break, you can drag them through mud while while chained to an ATV or drag them through the snow while chained to a snowmobile, cool right? Seem like something that can only be sold to one vertical? Wrong! You can’t market military grade computers on social media. Wrong!

Social Media is a great source for Rugged Computer companies because they can promote new products, jobs that they are working on (as long as the government agencies say it’s okay!), as well as tell them about updates going on in the company. Island Tech Services uses Facebook to connect with customers about updating them with the expansion of the company headquarters in NY and that they are moving to Ronkonkoma from Long Island. They also show photos of installations that they do.

On Instagram you can search for:
Even with those three hashtags you’ll get to see all types of environments that the Panasonic Toughpad and Toughbooks can be used and go through! Instagram is a great tool for customers to show their products individually or show how they can be installed and set up! Another great thing that Instagram will help with is showing the trade-shows that the company is set up at and invite customers to come visit and take a “selfie” with the crew!

Facebook is the most popular social media tool that the Rugged Computer companies reach out to clients. Panasonic themselves as a company have 314,158 followers on their Facebook page to show all products, then you have Panasonic Toughbook Toughpad Facebook dedicated page that has 48,957 followers based on just those core products. The small company that I work for does not have a Facebook page but I wanted to look at our competitors and see how they ranked with Facebook followers:
CDW in Illinois ~ 77,401 Followers
MHQ in Massachusetts ~ 1,551 Followers
Dell in Texas ~ 8,843,929 Followers
Adamson Industries in Massachusetts ~ 766 Followers

Smaller based companies such as MHQ and Adamson Industries here in Massachusetts clearly don’t have as high of a following as well name larger companies like CDW and Dell who sell more than just rugged computers and police gear. If my company were to start a Facebook page I’m sure it would take a bit to get to higher numbers. Although an incentive to get higher numbers would be doing drawings and contests for our customers who “like” our Facebook.

Another social media platform that rugged computer companies use but is not as popular is Twitter. Here they send out links to other platforms to see a larger message or image than what is allowed in the Twitter field.
CWD ~ 40,100 Followers
•MHQ ~ Does not have Twitter
Dell 507,000 Followers
Adamson Industries ~ 159 Followers

I think that the Rugged Computer world could do a whole lot on Pinterest. There are so many industries that could benefit from a rugged mobile computer whether it is a laptop or tablet. People or companies that use such products are retail companies, the food industry, public safety (police, fire, EMT), oil companies, delivery trucks, the list just goes on and if a company utilizes this platform they can show each type of vertical in photos and captions. Using the images to link out to pages with information on the what they images is about will help potential customers understand and will also help customers who never thought about going rugged see that it is something that relates to them.

Do you see your business going rugged? If so what kind of business are you? Let me know in the comments below!

Think Instagram & Pinterest are just for fun? Think again!

I’ll admit, Pinterest and Instagram are an addiction for me personally whether it’s for decorating my new house or looking at cute Texas Blue Heeler puppy photos, you can always catch me on there pinning away at various topics! Be sure to check out my personal Pinterest here at CassiK! You’ll be able to find boards with home decor and renovations, DIY crafts, holiday decoration and even that fun dream wedding board, don’t lie girls we’ve all got one!

Instagram is my other time passing tool, I originally started with posting what they call “selfies” and photos of my fun, until I got my first blue heeler than I noticed everything started to be photos of her and so I decided to dedicate it strictly to the fun and downtime we have together. Through this I’ve gotten to learn so much about blue heelers and what an misunderstood breed they are! I’ve also met so many awesome people who also share their love for the breed. I follow one girl and her heeler on a road trip across the Arizona and how much fun it is for the two of them! You can follow them on Instagram @imasadish!

Here are some great Cattle Dog Instagrams to take a look at!
Rosie and Kate Cattle Dogs
Helix the Heeler
Clutch the Cattle Dog (they are moving to Spain!!)

Also check out my fun loving heelers at Caya & Cane the Heelers!

Instagram and Pinterest are not just for looking through photos and possibly projects that you can do, it can also help businesses small or large. According to Koozai: 6 Business Benefits of Using Instagram, that only 2% of small businesses are taking advantage of Instagram giving them an advantage over those who are not. A great friend of mine is currently using Instagram to her advantage to promote her Beachbody coaching job to reach out to as many clients as she can. On JLabrie Fitness followers can see into the life of a new first time mom who is trying to  live an active and healthy life and shows that you can achieve that even with a newborn baby! Janelle brings you along in her fitness journey before baby (if you scroll back long enough) as well as through pregnancy and post pregnancy! She motivates other men and woman with her workout clips (while holding “LaBaby” as he is nicknamed) as well as every day aspects of her life. She wants to connect with her followers on more than just a fitness level – she wants to show her real life activities from horseback riding to her love for her 2 rescue labs!  She uses every day life to help promote her business to show upcoming sales or ways to invite you to be a coach of your own. I mean really, how can you say no to this cute face below, I know I couldn’t and I jumped on the chance to get healthy in a healthy way!

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About.com shared that Pinterest alone has over 10 million users and has grown over 4,000% in the last 6 months based on users and how they interact. That is a lot of people that any type of small or large business can interact with. Why not jump on the express train to success on Pinterest? Entrepreneur.com highlights a mother and daughter site called Popcosmo that targets young adult girls who want to know what is trending in fashion and beauty and want to originally target their hometown of Lousiville, KY, and states that thanks to their vibrant boards and topics they drive over 12,000 people to their website/blog just from Pinterest alone!

Janelle also has a health and wellness Pinterest page: Janelle Labrie Health and Fitness here she continues what she promotes on Instagram just in more images. Janelle offers a variety of different workouts that you could follow, healthy eating tips as well as personal boards. She connects with others who may be interested in home decor, fashion, DIY or even tattoos – it shows that she has more interests than just fitness, all though that is her main focus. Pinterest is another way that small businesses can use a free tool to help their sales increase who may not have the big market budgets to promote a product or service.

To answer my question earlier, why not jump on the express train to success on Pinterest? There really is no reason not to! If Pinterest has over 10 million unique users and they are only getting bigger then you can’t afford not to hop on that train!

Let me know what your thoughts are on Instagram or Pinterest below! Do you use it for fun or business?